Introduction to the Sex Series

Hey Sol Warriors!

I ran a form a few weeks back and a topic that everyone seemed to be interested in was sex. So I am going to do my best with what I know and who I know that can come in and talk about certain topics about sex. As you all know sex is a very broad subject and we can go into depths about a lot of things about sex. But I will do my best and get y'all the most accurate information that y'all are asking about. This series will be a blog, a podcast, and a vlog. I want you to have different ways to understand what I am trying to get out to you.

We are going to touch on various subjects such as: getting tested, how to ask your partner to get tested, how to please you and your partner, understanding your body, what gets you stimulated/ turned on, and much more!

So with that being said the Sex Series, Chapter One: Getting Tested, will be out sometime next week and I will try to publish something every other week with this series.

If you would like to know different things about sex don't be afraid to DM me @KYYllinEm on twitter or Instagram, email me, or shoot me a text (225) 341-1672 saying what you would like to learn more about.

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