Issa Project

So "Issa Project" was the name I gave my caregiver box because I kept updating it every so often on my Snapchat and I didn't want my boyfriend to know that it was for him. He believed for a while that I was staying up all night making a SGRho jewelry box while working and going to school and I told him that I had to be done by a certain day. It was cute. He got mad at me one time because I didn't answer the phone but I was staining his box and he wanted to see what I was doing but I wouldn't let him see it. Every time he would come over I would hide it in my arts and crafts closet in my apartment.

Things You Will Need :

  • A box

  • Envelopes

  • Markers

  • Paper (colored, lined, white computer paper, etc)

  • Loving heart

  • Open mind

  • Lots and lots of love and creativity

First, I got my box from Hobby Lobby; luckily it was on sale for $7.59 and not the original price of $17.99. I also stained my box with Rust-Oleum Ultimate Wood Stain ~ Traditional Cherry ($9.99) because the box was to light. Then I painted the top of the box purple (for his frat/ his fave color). You can do this last but knowing that we see each other a lot during the week I wanted to go ahead and get that out the way.

Secondly, Set a date on when you want to finish your project. I started Feb 25, 17 and I finished by April 16, 2017. Keep in mind that I have two jobs in school and very active in my sorority which was why it took this long. But it was worth every minute of it!

Thirdly, Figure out what you think he would like/love/needs and put it in the box. I did the things that he always wanted to try and stuff he's always running out of.