Who is kyy?

Hi, I'm Kyy! First off, thanks for visiting my blog!
I am a college Graduate. I am an aspiring stylist, but I really just want my own modeling agency.

I am from Biloxi, Mississippi, but raised in Louisiana. On May 31, 1996, the kid was born. Yes, I am a Gemini and it shows a lot at times. 
I am also apart of the best sorority there is, which is Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. I am the ace of my line, and I have one line sister. I crossed in the Prestigious Pi Iota Chapter on October 24, 2015. This explains why my blog name is "Apprehensive" because that is my line name. Well, my line name is AppRHOhensive, which the rare definition is relating to perception or understanding. Honestly, joining Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. was one of the greatest things that I have done to improve my life.

I have been blogging ever since high school, but I was using tumblr.com. Once I got to college, I started blogging a lot more. Now, I decided to make an actual blog website to share more details about my life and the research that I am doing! During this time, I will be uploading videos as well as posting depending on the topic and who my special guest may be. Anyway thanks for coming to my blog. I hope I am able to help you and allow you to grow from my experience and wisdom!

Why blog?

The reasoning for the feather background is because I like to think of myself like a feather. I can help others fly but as soon as they reach their full potential with me then I am to let go and let them be able to grow with everything that I have taught them. A feather is also very transparent meaning not only do they blend in with their surroundings but they are beautiful when they stand out on their own as well.

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